Mechanical Testing

Metallurgical Inspection

Corrosion Susceptibility

microscopic blocks

microscopic hill

24 Hour turnaround
from receipt of material
to test certificate

24 Hours

Metal Proving Services Limited is a comprehensive mechanical and metallurgical inspection facility employing advanced in house material sectioning and machining facilities. The laboratory benefits from precision sectioning, 5-axis machining, metallographic preparation, corrosion suites, metallographic and scanning electron microscope analysis.

Metal Proving Services Limited is a sister company to Goodwin Steel Castings Limited who since 1883 have produced technically advanced steels and nickel alloy castings for critical duty applications within the petrochemical, power generation, defence and nuclear sectors. As a subsidiary of Goodwin PLC the laboratory benefits from the four year Goodwin apprentice programme and the direct technical supervision and assistance from experienced industry experts who are actively participating in the quality control of raw material processing whether it be mechanical or refractory biased.