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Metal Proving Services can machine a standard ASTM tensile specimen and three ASTM charpy impact specimens in less than 15 minutes using the Mazak 5-axis machining centre.

The laboratory utilizes a bespoke software package to maintain traceability and provide digital documentation to ISO17025.  Operating two shifts the laboratory is focused on providing quality testing whilst employing the latest technology to offer significant cost reduction.

Naturally expedited testing is made available to clients with an urgent requirement for inspection. Third party verification / classification inspection is facilitated by the Metal Proving Services management.

Metal Proving Services can also offer in conjunction with Goodwin Steel Castings Limited large scale material sectioning, spectrograph element analysis, positive material identification, non-destructive examination such as radiography, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic inspection and certified heat treatment of material.

Metal Proving Services are committed to providing quality inspection on-time. Our reputation is founded on our technical capabilities, service and the integrity of our results.