Metallurgical Inspection


metallographic inspection

of metallic materials

microscopic hill

Metal Proving Services offers a comprehensive metallographic inspection of metallic materials given their extensive track record in analysing a range of steel and nickel alloy grades. The advanced metallographic preparation suite includes:

UKAS Accredited
Ferrite Manual Point Count ASTM E562
Ferrite Automatic Image Analysis ASTM E1245
Precision Sectioning of Material
Hot Press polymer mounting of specimens
Automated Polishing of Specimens
Chemical and Electrochemical Etching
Digital Image Analysis and Capture
SEM - Magnification x30,000
SEM - Energy Dispersion Spectrum (Element Analysis)
Micro and Macro Examination of Metallic Microstructures
Microstructure Assessment, Grain Sizing and Inclusion Counting
Intergranular Examination
Weld Root, Cap & HAZ Examination
Cleanliness Checks
Ferriscope Analysis